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Change Log

We’re busy making the StoneShot Platform a more beautiful place. Here’s the latest.

July 1, 2024

StoneShot for Sales

We’re now testing the latest release of StoneShot for Sales. This is a ground-up rewrite and we’ve added a ton of new features. Here’s a summary:
  • Dashboard. Key metrics, recent activity, email and list panels, a contact grid, and filters.
  • Emails. Creating and sending emails. Sending from (and on behalf of) the sales manager. Email forwarding.
  • Lists. Creating, editing and managing lists.
  • Reports. Charts and indicators shown when drilling into a single email.
We expect a month of testing and tuning, and we’ll keep you looped.

Events dashboards

This is another big project that’s at the testing stage. We’ve reworked all pages around the Event Builder and added comparison tools too.

Other changes

We’ve updated the Email Builder image browser so it uses the same folder as the image you’re editing. We’ve also improved the testing tools for our document distribution solution where fund document names are the same. We could a couple of bugs too… the event Calendar Location and Link textboxes now allow empty values, and we’ve removed unnecessary audits in the Email Builder when using Google Analytics tags. As always, please email if there’s something you’d like us to improve.


June 3, 2024

Fixing, tuning, prep

We’ve been busy this month preparing for some great dashboards that are hitting Events within the StoneShot Platform. If you’d like to look over the beta, please email The next release of StoneShot for Sales is close to completion too and we’ll be in touch with our Salesforce users soon.
Around that, we’ve optimized the campaign launch process. In Events, we’ve disabled completed event schedules from being edited or deleted, and we’ve added a merge field picker in the Email Builder for rich text layouts.
May 7, 2024


We released this page last month to give you a high level overview of your campaigns, events, website visitors and more.
This month we’ve tweaked the Events widget so it now shows upcoming as well as current events. We’ve also tuned the “Most Engaged Companies” widget so it’s snappier.

Performance improvements

We’re continually optimizing the StoneShot platform to ensure page load times are short while we develop richer features. In May we’ve implemented changes that shorten page loads and reduce the time to launch heavily dynamic emails to large lists.
In next week’s live release, you’ll find the lists pages and event scheduler are faster. We’ve also made our date filters consistent across Campaigns, Visitor Tracking and Videos, applying 30 days as the default.
April 2, 2024

New Homepage

We’ve created a new homepage that gives you a high-level view of StoneShot. See the headline metrics for your campaigns, events, website visitors, engagement and automations. Don’t run events or track website visitors? No problem, you can customize the page how you want it. We’ll also share info on upcoming features too.

Merged event fields in Email Builder

When editing an email, the Email Builder will now replace merge fields with the relevant event data. So for example, the field {EVENT:NAME} will be replaced with the name of the event. The goal here is to see your email coming together as you build it by bringing in dynamic elements.

Additional time zone support

We’ve added time zone abbreviations and extended localizations for dynamic date and time fields. You can now add ET, MT or PT to your US event dates, and automate the current date with the week day and month in Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish or Dutch – in addition to English, French, German and Italian. See Dynamic Merge Fields for the detail.

Event default custom fields

We removed default custom event fields when we rebuilt the Event Builder – the rationale being that we added a ton of optional fields such as dietary requirements and parking, along with agendas and speakers. But we got it wrong, you told us you still want your own custom fields against every event you create. So we’ve reinstated it. In the future we’ll improve this further allowing you to reorder all fields, make fields mandatory and have default values too.

March 4, 2024

Sending to multiple recipient lists

Our clients frequently send the same email to multiple lists. Up to now, you could either combine lists (list of lists anyone?) and pool all metrics together, or manually send to each list (pick, launch, pick, launch…).

You can now send an email to multiple recipient lists while separating the metrics. Simply pick the lists you want and the Email Builder will create a campaign for each list on launch.

Using suppression or seed lists? All good – seeds get sent behind the first list and suppressions are taken from each separate list on launch. You can still use Send Time Optimization too. Hopefully that saves you some time!

More merge fields

We’ve created 125 new merge fields to make your event emails, event descriptions and calendars more dynamic.

Here are some ways you can save time with these automations:

  • Bring in event/session info, venues, agendas, speakers and moderators into your calendar invites.
  • Show/hide content based on whether the event is in-person or online. That means you need to make fewer variations of your emails.
  • Create an event description that dynamically brings in a list of speakers/moderators. Means you don’t have to edit it if your speakers change.

See Dynamic Merge Fields for a full list.

Salesforce Campaign picker in Events

We’ve added a Salesforce Campaign picker on the Summary tab in the Event Builder. This allows Salesforce users to “push” the event status of each contact associated to an event (i.e. Invited, Registered, Attended, etc).

Event Builder fixes and enhancements

We’ve applied over 120 changes to our Event Builder over February. Here’s a summary:

  • Added rich text editors for Event Description, Calendar Description and CPD Learning Objectives. You can pick your own text styles from the Brand Manager and there are pickers for dynamic merge fields too. There are also spell checkers. Pretty nice eh?
  • Extended our event scheduler so you can pick emails as opposed to just templates. It means you can reuse emails across multiple events, within a custom schedule too.
  • We recently introduced venue capacity at the session level as one venue could have many meeting room options. We’re now using the session capacity in our registration forms and when you view an event in our platform.
  • We’ve created a default calendar snippet that shows agendas and speakers if they exist, and alternates the attendance info for Online vs In-Person events. We also extended the calendar reminder options. We also added support for our new calendars in our forms.
  • You can now edit an email in schedule within a live event. If the schedule has already sent emails, the Event Builder makes a copy of the campaign so no auditing is lost.
  • Auto-generate the default CPD hours based on the duration of the event.
  • We cleaned up the flow for editing agendas and speakers.

January 22, 2024

New Event Builder

We gave our event building tools a major overhaul with a view to streamlining your processes. Here’s a summary:

  • Onboarding flow to rapidly create new events.
  • Email editing and form building right alongside event creation.
  • New agenda and speaker blocks that can be added dynamically into your emails and forms.
  • Reworked scheduler and new email library.

We’ve created a video walking through the production process end-to-end.