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Check-in app – multi users

The StoneShot Event check-in app, which is available to use on all Apple devices, is used for checking in registrants at the door for your event. You’re able to update their contact details, register a colleague of theirs, and also check them out if they have been set to an attendee by mistake.

The app works offline so there is no need for network access – as long as the details have been synced before leaving your WiFi or mobile network.

You can find out more information on the check-in app here.

This guide covers how to set up a mini network if you are using more than 1 device (up to 8) to manage the registration at the event. There are 2 options in case the network signal isn’t strong enough to handle the 1st option. These are both detailed below.


Option 1 – Mini-network

    1. Choose which device will be your master device. The master device will be the hub of your mini-network, and all other devices will connect to it. Once you have decided which device, open the app, login and wait.
    2. Go to your next device and open the StoneShot Events app. Click on Browse devices
    3. Your device will now search for the master device. Once it appears, click on it and start the connection process

    4. You master device will now be asked to accept or decline the connection. Click on Accept.
    5. Your other device will now show that you are connected. Hit done.
    6. You’ll now see you are logged in as a remote session.

      Any activity will now automatically be seen on all devices within the network.
    7. To setup additional devices, simply run through steps 2-6 above.

Option 2 – Non-network

If the network isn’t strong enough to support the network option, you may need to run the devices separately. When an action is taken to check someone in, this is synced automatically to the database. To make sure all devices are up to date, simply:

  1. Go back to the main screen for the event
  2. Tap the ‘Sync’ button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Go back into the event and the session, and you will see the updated list.

This option – whilst needing more manual intervention – does work well as it is unlikely that you will check the same person in on two different devices. Also, if you do, the software is clever enough to match it and realise that the action only happened once, so you won’t overwrite anyone else’s work even if this did happen.