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Managing Contacts

Managing your Contacts

Learn how to add contacts, import a list of contacts, export contacts and search for contacts in our Contacts section of the StoneShot Marketing Platform.

To start of, let’s take a quick look at what’s on the contacts page. Here you’ll be able to:

  1. Create new contacts or import contacts
  2. Export existing contacts
  3. Search Fields
  4. Edit to add and remove columns to your current view, ready for Export
  5. Adapt the way you view your contacts

Contact record page in StoneShot

Sorting and Search

You can sort data by clicking the head of each column. By default, contacts are ordered by the order in which they were loaded.

Managing individual contacts

On the contact screen, once you’re viewing a contact’s record, you’ll be taken to the ‘Detail’ tab.

Details tab on contact record page in StoneShot

  1. Opt-in and Bounce – The opt-in flag shows whether this contact will receive an email or not. If you opt someone out their record, will automatically be excluded from all campaigns. Email recipients can also opt themselves out by following an unsubscribe link within the email. The bounce flag shows whether this contact is on the suppression list. This means that the client is still opted in but won’t receive any emails until his or her email address is fixed.
  2. Actions – The Actions tab contains:
    – Email Contact – this allows you to send a one-off email to a contact without launching an entire campaign.
    – New Contact
    – Copy Contact
  3. Contact details – The name and address fields are standard. Up to 12 custom fields can be added, in which you can store information such as salutation, dietary requirements or travel arrangements. We normally use the salutation field to personalise our emails, which is why you’ll often see “Dear {CUSTOM1}” in the emails we create.
  4. Segmentation – Assign contacts to preferences or segments that you have previously set up.
  5. Activity – At the bottom of the contact screen, you’ll see a list of every interaction that your contact and the database have had. You’ll see everything such as when contact information was updated, any emails that have been sent, opened or clicked, and also any form submissions. You can click on each icon to see what action was taken.

Take a look at our learning video below for more information on managing your contacts.