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StoneShot API

We’ve developed our API to be able to talk to any system that we need it to. We can send and receive data securely and use it create bespoke solutions for our clients.

For example, we can use it to send automated reports to a secure FTP site for your system to pick up every day if needed.

Our integrations might not work for everyone, but by using our API we’re able to ‘talk’ to systems that we don’t have an out of the box solution currently created.

Get in touch with the StoneShot team and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

For detailed API documentation please see our API Documentation page.

Generating an API key

You can use our API to talk to your systems and create bespoke and secure solutions (visit StoneShot API for more information).

Before you can generate an API key, we need to switch this solution on for your account. Get in touch with the Client Success Team and we can do this for you.

Once this has been enabled, Admin users will be able to generate an API key. To get your profile updated to an Admin you can either ask another Admin user your side or get in touch with us.

To switch to an Admin, go to Options and Users…


Click into the Name of the profile you wish to update, under the Role dropdown select Admin and Save


Once these steps are complete you can generate an API key by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to Options > Integrations
  • Expand the StoneShot section and click on Manage Public API Access
  • Add a Label for your new API key and then click on the Generate button
  • This will generate a new API Key – toggle the Status option to activate it and click Save.


What timezone is API data in? And how can I convert time zone data?

All data is in UTC. You can convert the time zone depending on the programming language used.

How do I register someone for an event via the API?

You can register a contact via the “Update contact” method and “events” body parameter. More info and examples can be found on the API documentation page.

Can you create content tags via the API?

No, you can create regular tags via the API, but you’ll need to assign them as lead scoring or content tags in the StoneShot platform. More detailed instructions can be found on our Tags page.