Document Management & Workflow Automation

Automate fund document distribution to save
time and improve the client experience

Document Library

The document library pulls together your fund documents and meta data. Auto-detects document updates to automate distribution. Flexibility for you to host documents or we’ll manage them for you. Custom integration with your document provider.

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Client Preferences

Our fund distribution solution allows your clients to choose the funds they want to follow. That means they don’t get updated on all your funds, only those where they hold an investment or interest. They can choose the frequency too, from updates as they happen to weekly, monthly or quarterly. Fund document preference forms can be integrated into your website too, streamlining the client experience further. And they’ll always reflect what’s in the fund library, so there’s nothing to update ongoing.

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Email Distribution

Clients get email as a fund is updated (one email, one link) or weekly, monthly or quarterly (one email, many links). You can send from client services or the client’s relationship manager. You’ll get full visibility on how your clients engage with the emails, and any documents downloaded will attribute to the engagement score on each client. Did we mention distribution groups? You can segment clients by their location, so they only get updates on funds you sell in their region.

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