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The StoneShot Insight platform aggregates and anonymizes email marketing data from over 60 asset management firms. This allows us to analyze the data and compare email marketing performance against industry peers to allow for adopting improvements and assess competitive position.
Our clients can access this benchmark data directly in the platform, either through the dedicated Insights area or integrated with their own campaign reports.

Running a report on your UK intermediary newsletters and want to know how they compare? Toggle the benchmarks on and you’ll see in real-time how they compare to the average UK intermediary newsletter. Your Italian marketing team want to know how their factsheet emails compare to their peers? Toggle the benchmarks on and that will be included in the Excel and PDF reports available in the platform.

Of course, data alone doesn’t tell the whole story – it can tell you whether you’re performing better or worse than your peers, but not why. That’s why we enrich our benchmark data with our own research with both asset management firms and investment professionals to look at trends and qualitative insight. Our consultants can then work with you to apply the learnings from the benchmarking in a meaningful way to provide you with actionable insights.

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