Minimizing Operational Inefficiencies

Your Time is Worth More

The blurring line between your professional and personal lives means your time has become more valuable than ever before.

Investment marketers tell us that marketing automation platforms have become more complex and harder to use, resulting in steeper learning curves and slow technology adoption. This operational inefficiency can lead to missed opportunities in elevating the client experience and driving deeper engagement.

While time can’t be bought, we can use marketing automation to free-up time to tackle more of the things we’d love to do.

Getting Personal

Getting Personal

We know from our research that sending emails from your relationship managers can increase open rates by over 15%. But segmenting your list and doing multiple sends is a laborious task – let alone combining the open and click metrics.

We’ve automated this process so you can send a single email and have the relevant relationship manager’s name, email photo, etc within the email. You can also drill down to compare response rates by RM.

Email Marketing
Event Automation

Event Automation

Does this sound familiar?

You have a big event coming up in a month. You’ve got a venue booked so it’s about promoting the event, checking everyone in and distributing CPD/CE certificates after. It’s on you to ensure the event is well attended without the nightmare of running out of space and having an important client standing at the back.

You create a schedule for your emails and send out the first invite. Then as registrations come in, you get them into a spreadsheet so you don’t invite clients on the second and third wave that have already signed up. You have one eye on your lists and another on the total number of registrations so you can close the form.

Then the big day arrives. You’ve printed out all registrants and you’re checking clients in as they arrive. That gives you another list – the actual attendees! Finally, the event is over and you have those personalized attendance PDFs to create. That’s a frantic copy/paste from Excel to Word, and a hot-shoe-shuffle sending the emails individually to your clients. And if you’re running a roadshow, the process above can become significantly longer!

If that’s where you are now, you have our undying respect and sympathy.

We also have some good news for you. Our event platform can automate the entire process above. The event scheduler ensures each wave of invitation, reminder, confirmation, and follow-up goes out at the right time to the right audience. Registration closes automatically, even factoring in an element of overbooking. You can check-in your clients with our iOS app and we’ve automated the entire CPD/CE process too.

Event Marketing

Content Automation

It’s common to look at your website and email as two separate channels and update them, umm, separately. But there’s no need to upload an Insights article on your website and then manually create and sent an email.

The StoneShot platform can automate this flow by picking up content from your site and dynamically distributing your emails around a pre-created schedule. Better yet, using a little tagging, you can send emails based on your client’s strategy/product/topic interests. That both saves time and gives your clients a fantastic experience.

Email Marketing
Engagement Scoring

Engagement Scoring

Most marketing automation platforms have lead scoring functionality. They have a score for each type of activity – such as an email open or click – and sum up activity over a given time window to create a score per client.

While that’s fine as a broad picture of engagement, it doesn’t allow you to identify the individual strategies or products a client is interested in. That means your sales teams can’t pin-point the most engaged clients.

We tackle this by creating a score per strategy or product. This is done by tagging content – emails, links, web pages, events, video and more – and generating a score for each tag. You can apply weighting for especially hot or cold content and define the time over which the score will decay.

Better still, you can create auto-tagging rules to save yet more time, and you can use scores to drive automation workflows.

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Factsheet Automation

Factsheet Automation

Distributing fund documents can be a colossally time-consuming task. You can either send one email to all clients, linking to all fund documents or email clients one-by-one as their chosen fund documents are updated.

The StoneShot platform automates this entire process. It flags fund documents as they’re updated, either by taking a feed or downloading and checking each fact sheet.

Clients can subscribe for updates on their chosen funds, or your client services team can do the allocation. They can also choose how often they’d like to get email updates, either as soon as their documents are updated or on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule. The rest is handled by a little automation.

We track each document download of course so you can see specifically what your clients are researching. And that activity is fed into our engagement scoring solution too.

Fund Document Distribution
Sign-ups and Onboarding

Sign-ups and Client Onboarding

Finally, you can automate the client onboarding process by using Workflows within the StoneShot platform. Drag and drop activities into a journey and the robots will do the rest.

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Return on Investment

Oh, by the way, did we mention that operational efficiency is a great way to drive your ROI through the roof…?

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