Marketing Automation Platform

Automate to increase efficiency and
streamline the client experience


Set rules and triggers for your contacts and kick off workflows based on their actions. Has a prospective client just watched multiple videos of yours? Kick off a workflow to invite them to subscribe to your newsletter with similar content.

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Event Automation

Manage your events in StoneShot or your CRM. Automated scheduling, capacity management, single events and roadshows, automated CPD/CE certificates… backed by a team that make the process a breeze.

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Content Automation

Stream blog or Insights content from your website and into your emails. Have your clients choose content by topic, product or strategy. Automate fund document distribution with your clients in control. Pin-point engagement with powerful analytics.

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"Email & Event solutions for Financial Services that continuously evolve based on customer needs"

Use marketing automation to free your time and drive up your ROI

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