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Event Dashboard

Manage your events in StoneShot or your CRM. Automated scheduling, capacity management, single events and roadshows, automated CPD/CE certificates… backed by a team that make the process a breeze.

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Scheduling and Automation

Make schedules before and after the date of your events. Reuse on-brand dynamic emails and registration forms. Save the sweat of juggling invite, registration, attendee, and no-show lists.

Your time is worth more.

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Event Check-in

Throw away your clipboard. Download our iOS event app to streamline the check-in process and give your clients a great experience.

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CPD/CE Attendance Certificates

Creating and sending certificates of attendance is one of those tasks that eats up valuable post-event time. Use StoneShot to automate the entire production and distribution process using on-brand CPD/CE templates. Our agency team will design and build custom templates for you and you can make a schedule to send to event attendees too.

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