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Automation Overview

Through the combination of powerful tech, shrewd strategy, and a well-defined user process, StoneShot’s automation tools allow you to put your strategy into action.

Marketing Automation

With our Marketing Automation workflows, the onus is no longer on you to decipher and respond to your recipients’ interactions with your digital marketing efforts; instead they are able to control their own journey, based on a pre-defined set of customisable factors. This helps maximise opportunities when they’re most relevant, and reengage clients to smoothly nurture them through their digital journey.

We’ve developed an extensive list of triggers, actions, and rules to choose from, which you can use to piece together your workflows and seamlessly lead your user through their digital journey.

When you use tags to categorise your campaigns – be it by product, asset class, communication type, or anything else – you can also use those same tags to act as triggers in your workflows. This opens up a new layer of workflow customisation as you’re now able to deploy a user’s journey based on their engagement with a specific area of interest.

You can keep content at the core of your strategy, with the bond created through the use of tags and engagement scoring tying your efforts together seamlessly.

You also get the added bonus of insightful, relevant data which will guide the development of your workflows in the future. You can monitor when contacts enter and exit a workflow, the length of time they remain in a workflow, and the number of triggers they activate.

To learn about how to implement a Marketing Automation strategy, please look at the Marketing Automation Strategy article.

Email Automation

Using StoneShot’s automated email solution, you’re able to queue up regular emails to go at a specific time every day, or week, or month forever!

This is a great tool for an email that is the same every time, such as a Daily Price email, that goes to the same list on a regular basis.

If either of these features are something you want to use, have a look at the other articles in this section or contact the Support team – – who will be happy to help walk you through either one.