Well done you!

Congratulations for choosing StoneShot. We’re delighted to have you onboard.

We’ve created this learning site to get you up and running on the StoneShot Platform and to give you a guiding hand through your StoneShot journey.

You’ll find we’re a little different. We’re part marketing automation platform, part digital agency. So you’ll get tech and agency support.

You’ve been allocated to one of our teams in London, New York or Singapore. Any requests you fire our way – call, email or chat – will direct straight to the team that look after you.

You’ll see throughout the StoneShot Platform, tucked away on the bottom right of the screen. You can email us at support@stoneshot.com or call us here:

London: +44 (0)20 628 4444
New York: +1 347 352 8186
Singapore: +65 3157 5127