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Microsoft Dynamics User Authentication

StoneShot Authentication

The first step in using the StoneShot application is to authenticate as a user. To use the full functionality within Dynamics you will need both a StoneShot and Dynamics login credentials. This authentication only needs to take place the first time you use the application.

  1. Open CRM on your browser and click your group in the top left
  2. Click the StoneShot Application
  3. From the StoneShot Application, click My Account on the side pane (left of the screen)
  4. Enter your login credentials (your email address) if requested
  5. You may need to refresh your screen a few times (by pressing F5 or the refresh button, see below) for the authentication to complete
  6. If you are using the Chrome Browser and authentication does not complete, please follow the additional steps in the ‘Troubleshooting’ section below


If you are using the latest version of the Chrome browser (v91 or greater) you may need to enable cookies for the StoneShot integration to work.

  1. Open CRM within the Chrome browser
  2. If cookies are disabled for CRM, click the Eye icon to the right of the URL (top right of the screen). (The icon will be crossed out if cookies are disabled.)
  3. Click “Site not working” on the pop-up message
  4. Click “Allow cookies” on the next page
  5. Cookies should now be enabled for Dynamics CRM and StoneShot
  6. Follow the steps at the top of this page under ‘StoneShot Authentication’ to complete the authentication of your account