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Fund Documents

If you have our Document Distribution Solution (DDS) implemented in your StoneShot account, you will have access to Documents Reporting.

Recently Changed Documents

This report shows documents that have changed within the past 7 days. You’ll also be able to see the name of the document, its document type, currency, when it was last updated and its distribution.

There’s also an action dropdown which you can apply to each document: Pause, Resume or Remove from distribution, Suppress new changes or Ignore the last change made.

Document Change Trend

This report shows trends in document changes as a graph. You can change your graph to show all documents trends or specify by document.

Synchronised Documents

This report shows documents that are synchronised to lists. The report shows the document name, type, how many subscribers are in the list and which list it’s synchronised to. You can also see if the list requires a refresh and the last time it was synchronised.

Deleted Documents

This report shows documents that have been marked as deleted.

Contact Document Subscriptions

This report shows contacts by Sales Manager with links through to the contact document subscriptions. This report can also be filtered by Sales Manager.

Take a look at our DDS Reporting video below to learn more.