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Contacts & Lists Overview

Your contacts and lists are kept neatly together in the StoneShot platform. From the Contacts menu option you’re able import your data, create contacts, lists and segmentation.

This section also allows you to see how many contacts are in your database and provides tools to search your data, as well as your lists and give you plenty of reporting.

Let’s jump in further and first look at how to manage your lists. Take a look at the Managing Lists page for this.

Then, to see how to manage your contacts take a look at the Managing Contacts page.

Finally, to learn how to import and export your contacts, take a look at the Importing and Exporting pages.

And you can watch Contacts, Lists and our Importer in action in our video below.


How do I change the number of contact records I see on a page?

In the Options > Users > My Profile > Preferences area, you will see the page size dropdown. StoneShot for Sales users can’t access this.

More detailed instructions can be found on the Managing Contacts page.