Connect your CRM, email, website, content, video and more

Connected with your CRM

Plug StoneShot into to your CRM platform (or platforms!). Sync data seamlessly. Give Sales the tools and analytics they need to drive success, right against the Contact and Account. Bridge the Sales and Marketing divide.

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Stream content from your WordPress blog or content management system. Have your clients choose the content they want – topic, product, or strategy – and automate the distribution of hyper-personalized emails.

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StoneShot connects seamlessly with your corporate video provider. Streamline video registration. View analytics in the StoneShot platform alongside your email and website analytics. Boost engagement scoring by including video engagement.

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Preferences and Sign-up

Connect all your content such as blog posts and ebooks to our library and dynamically feed it into your emails.

Content Feeds

Give your subscribers options so they know your emails will always contain content they’ve chosen to see.

Document Distribution

Notice higher opens and engagement from content more targeted to the recipient’s wants and needs.

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Connect your digital channels to create a killer client experience

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