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Events Overview

Events Overview

No matter how much planning you do, managing events can be a stressful experience. It used to involve keeping track of attendees and registrants on various spreadsheets and cross-checking against invite lists, remembering to update a contact in one or more of those. We’ve taken a lot of the stress of managing that data away and into an easy to read events dashboard.

You can quickly see how many people you’ve invited to your event, how many have registered, how many have attended, even how many emails you’ve sent out relating to the event. You can manage the invitees straight from within the event itself too, including pulling in a list of contacts, right through to marking individuals as attended.

Each session shows how many people are registered, have attended, and in situations where you have a registration limit, the dashboard highlights how many spots you have left or if you’ve gone over capacity.

To help you on the move, the screens are responsive so that they are easier to use on a variety of devices and you can quickly see the most recent upcoming events which is then followed by past events.

At the event, the StoneShot iPad check-in app allows you to check in your registrants as they arrive and sync them immediately into the database, allowing you to quickly see who has arrived and who has yet to turn up.

Once your event is over, the StoneShot system is able to look at your attendee list and send out personalised CPD certificates and follow up emails – all at the touch of a button.

So, what are you waiting for! Let’s get on and create an event!

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