Accessing the StoneShot Platform

Before you can access the StoneShot Platform, you’ll need a user account. This Username and Password has permissions specific to how you need to work.

Any changes you make (such as editing an email or importing and exporting data) are audited against your account, so it’s important that you don’t share your account with other users.

As a new user, we’ll send you a welcome email with a link to set your password and login.

Logging in

To login go to, click on Login and enter your Username and Password.

Note that if you enter an incorrect Username/Password combination five times your account will be locked.

If you forget your username or password, you can click on Forgot? and complete your details as required on the screen here.

You will then be sent an email allowing you to reset your password. When you’re logged in you’ll see the Home page.

Accounts come in a variety of permission levels, as follows below:

  • Viewers can log in and look around the platform.  All content is read-only to these users.
  • Owners can create, update and delete contacts. They can’t create any content and can view campaigns.
  • Authors can create, update and delete all content. They can’t view contacts and can only view campaigns.
  • Standard users of the platform can manage content, contacts, campaigns and events.
  • Managers can do everything in StoneShot apart from creating new users and managing database settings.
  • Admins have total access to StoneShot. They can do everything including creating new users and managing database settings.

Take a look at our User Management video below for more details.