Introducing StoneShot for Sales

Tired of the misalignment between marketing and sales? We get it. Over the past two decades, we have seen how inefficient it is to pull data from one platform just to plug it into another. While the StoneShot app has integrations to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, we thought that the sales teams should be able to view and send prospect related activity from their primary sales platforms. After a few months in the works, we came up with a standalone component for sales teams called StoneShot for Sales which can be accessed directly in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

The benefits for sales and marketing

Single tool to view and track prospect activity for marketing and sales

It’s common for marketing to use an email marketing platform to send emails while the sales teams use Outlook to follow up. The trouble with using the email marketing platform is that sales cannot use this to send one to one emails. On the other hand, prospect activity cannot be easily tracked against other marketing activities via Outlook to provide a complete prospect engagement record. StoneShot for Sales allows sales teams to send directly within the Salesforce window while tracking it against the prospect’s engagement history. This means that sales activity against a prospect can also be viewed by marketing and vice versa.

Complete visibility of client activity

When sales emails are tracked, a complete engagement record can be logged against a specific prospect including emails, web activity (if visitor tracking is enabled) and events. This allows both marketing and sales to have the same view of prospect activity.

Personalized statistics for each salesperson

Ever requested marketing to run reports only on the clients you handle? StoneShot for Sales has a central reporting tool showing only statistics related to each salesperson’s client activity. Salespeople will know the average engagement rates specific to their contacts as well as which emails performed best for their clients.

Ability to use branded email templates created by marketing

Usually, the emails that marketing create either have to be sent through the email marketing platform, or forwarded via Outlook which runs the risk of having formatting errors. With StoneShot for Sales, the salesperson can select a marketing template, edit the template to make it more personalized and send it on to a list or a group of recipients selected on demand.

Email send use cases

Personalizing a marketing email to send on to a single or group of clients

Small personal touches can go a long way. You can localize the main text, add or delete certain sections, change subject line and edit inline text.

Send to your personal lists

Do you further segment your own contacts? Maybe you group them via client type, company, position, etc. in Outlook? You can replicate this functionality in StoneShot for Sales but this time, it’s tracked.

Schedule emails to follow up

When a client replies to check back in tomorrow or 2 days later, you can compose that email on the spot and schedule to send a few days later so you don’t risk forgetting to follow up.

Send event invites or follow ups

You can use the same invitation that was originally sent by marketing to follow up with a client or prospect if they have not responded yet. As you are using the same original template, which you can lightly edit to personalize, this will be tracked and you will know whether the client or prospect has opened the email.

Reporting use cases

Top level statistics for marketing activity against your clients

Want to track how different marketing materials perform against your clients? Now you can. You will get engagement activity relevant only to your clients and averages will be computed based on that data. No more additional filtering in excel required.

Personal statistics

Want to know which one of your clients opened or clicked a specific marketing collateral? You guessed it, now you can. The reporting information updates in real time, so you don’t need to keep checking in with marketing to get this data.

Want to know more or have some use cases to consider? Leave us a message here and we will get your relationship manager to get in touch with you.