Automatically Distribute Your Insights and Blogs Via Email

Traffic to thought leadership content is usually driven by email marketing. Some clients might set up alerts, but they are usually not tracked and don’t allow for preference filtering.

In a world where almost every service is at your fingertips, one might wonder if blog posts can be automatically sent out as they are published. The answer, in a nutshell, is yes. Tightly snuggled in the list of features of the StoneShot Platform Advanced Plan is a Content Distribution System that allows automated sending of blog posts via email. This allows fund managers to automatically distribute client chosen articles by email.

Below is a step by step description of how it works.

Step 1: We map the content onto email templates

A typical blog site will probably have common elements like the ability to filter articles by topic, a preview of individual articles on the home page and individual article pages containing the full content. However, it will also contain a feed (e.g. RSS/XML) where the StoneShot App can check for new articles every minute. It’s kind of like giving a trusted assistant access to your emails and calendar so that they can schedule meetings on your behalf after viewing your email conversation. Like a smart assistant, the StoneShot App is monitoring for new articles on the feed. Each article is made of separate fields like title, link, etc. pulled from the RSS feed and it is automatically replicated on the StoneShot platform.

A pre-agreed branded email template is then mapped out so you can specify where the separate fields like content, images, etc. needs to go. When the StoneShot App recognizes that a new article has been added to the feed, the StoneShot template then inserts the articles dynamically upon send, based on the individual recipients’ preferences.

Step 2: We map your content filters or tags into a preference center

The tags on your blog are mapped to ‘preferences’ in a preference center. With this, your clients can choose what types of content they are interested in and can choose how often they want to hear from you. If a client chooses to hear from you on a weekly basis, the app only sends the new articles that the user hasn’t received. It‘s a smart solution that’s more organized than the average person. If you don’t have a preference center, we can develop this via our agency services.

Step 3: We look at the engagement statistics to check everything is in order

Just because the process is automated doesn’t mean you lose transparency of engagement metrics. All the reporting features will still function as normal so you can adjust your clients’ preferences based on their interactions with your brand.

What are the benefits?

Fund marketers

Let’s be honest here, fund marketers are already creating the content once on the blog so there’s no benefit of manually copying the blog into a different platform e.g. email, if this can be automated. Automated sending can drive more traffic to the news/insights or thought leadership sections of your site as email frequency and topics will be aligned with client preferences. No need to worry if you’re sending too many emails and losing the attention of your clients while keeping them updated with your latest content. You can have a fully tracked, preference-based solution that gives you better email response rates and more site traffic.


If your clients get to choose the topics they are interested in and the frequency of how often they receive updates, every communication will be relevant.

Want to know more or have some use cases to consider? leave us a message here and we will get your relationship manager to get in touch with you.