As a firm that provides both platform and agency services for the financial industry, we take pride in our customer service. With the global onset of unprecedented working from home in most financial districts, we thought, how can software care? With physical distancing set to be a new norm, technology is the thread that keeps us connected. So, we are introducing a live chat function into our app to make it slightly easier for you to reach out to us.

Any app user will be able to contact our support team directly within the app during working hours. Your login details in the app will be passed into the chat window so we know who you are. Your query will go straight to your dedicated account team and you can carry on a chat conversation with a real person familiar with your account. The whole chat conversation is then emailed to support when the conversation is finished so we will have a record of the conversation. This is different to other live chat services in that it doesn’t need to go through a routing step to find you the right person to talk to.

Some use cases:

  • Forgot where to find certain templates or buttons
  • Have a quick question regarding analytics or insights
  • Want to check with the support team if you’ve done a task correctly
  • Have trouble finding or using a certain feature in the app
  • Unsure if particular functionality is supported

In short, any quick questions are welcome on the live chat. Complex tasks and briefs will still be handled via email.

Want to know more about our live chat? Leave us a message here and we will get your relationship manager to get in touch with you.