How StoneShot’s Agency Services Can Boost Your Investment Marketing

You could be doing all the right things with marketing automation and still feel like you’re struggling to juggle e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. First of all: That’s okay. You’re not a failure, you just need help. What you need now is people support.

And if you’re trying to keep your team lean while scaling and minimizing operational inefficiencies, what you might be looking for more specifically is support from an agency. You know you need agency support when there’s:

  • Lack of in-house headcount
  • Lack of in-house resources
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Lack of in-house time

So what kind of digital marketing agency should you be looking for? One specifically for investment management companies like yours.

Why an agency specifically for financial services and investment marketing?

When you’re underwater, you need help now. An investment marketing agency has deep industry experience and expertise, so there’s no need to educate them. No “financial services for dummies” translations required. They can immediately start running with you.

And because of their industry experience, they know what works and what doesn’t based on similar investment and asset management companies they work with. Meaning, you can get already-proven digital marketing strategies and tactics applied to your own efforts, saving you precious time.

The best digital marketing agencies for financial services have even done the research on what clients like yours actually want. So it’s not just about what other investment marketers have done but also about creating a truly client-centric experience. No guessing, and no need to do this time-intensive research or A/B testing on your own. Knowledge is power, and an investment marketing agency can give this to you right away.

What can StoneShot help with?

So if you’re looking for digital marketing agency support, look no further than StoneShot’s campaign management and strategy and consulting services, which has a lot to offer to investment marketers. And see what our customers have to say for themselves!

Discovery and research

Need a stronger marketing foundation in general? We can help you understand your business objectives through thoughtful discovery sessions and research, and see how your current program compares to our industry-wide data and research. The result? Data-driven recommendations made just for your business.

“In a few short years they have helped us develop a rich communications experience that performs at or better than industry benchmarks. The dedicated professionals we work with are always there to answer every question, big or small, and work with us to evolve . . . as our business needs grow and change. My experience with StoneShot has been top notch every step of the way.”G2 Review from Administrator in Financial Services

Planning your program roadmap

Lost on how to drive your program forward? We can give you the roadmap you need with clear directions on the necessary steps, requirements, people, timeline, and KPIs (key performance indicators) for smooth sailing to success.

“Always on hand to help and provide key recommendations and insight. [What I like best is] their willingness to help come up with solutions for any campaign, even when out of the box thinking is required.”G2 Review from User in Financial Services


Sometimes you just need help putting your plans into action. Let us take care of execution so you can focus on strategy. We’re here as much or as little as you need to help you:

  • Manage large data sets, create segmented lists, and update records
  • Ensure brand guidelines and email best practices are being followed
  • Create reusable email templates, update existing emails, or code custom emails from scratch
  • Be a second set of eyes to test emails and campaigns for quality assurance (no typos or incorrect links under our watch!) and even hit send
  • Build microsites and landing pages to support your campaigns

“Thanks to StoneShot we are able to schedule our emails in a very organised way . . . They also manage one of our campaign website in the best way possible. Content is added and amended very quick. We couldn’t get a better service.”G2 Review from Anselmine T

Reviews and optimizations

Learn and optimize — that’s our mantra. We can provide reporting or regularly go over your program performance together with you, see how your metrics stack up against your goals, and give recommendations on how to continuously improve.

“Working with StoneShot has helped us to improve our email engagement with our customers.”G2 Review from User in Financial Services

3 ways StoneShot’s agency services rise above the rest

But what really sets our agency support apart?

StoneShot is also a marketing platform

StoneShot is not just an agency. We’re also an email marketing and marketing automation platform built just for financial services and investment sales and marketing. So you could say we know a thing or two about investment marketing, from strategy to execution. 😉

“They are designed by professionals with industry background. I needed a platform that would not only facilitate the email delivery but work with me to optimize campaigns and use industry best practices to grow.”G2 Review from Lana B

Real, kind people to support you

You don’t get a faceless organization — you get friendly faces who take the time to truly understand you and your needs. And we’re nice people, too. You’re not a number to us, and we’re not going to push you into a sale.

“I very much appreciated having named contacts that were available when I needed them and genuinely interested in helping my team succeed. Always flexible and willing to help bring our ideas to market at very competitive prices.”G2 Review from Steve W

Turnaround times in hours

Need a new email right now? Consider it done. Where other digital or creative agencies deliver on campaigns in days or weeks, we can execute in hours. How? Because this is our specialty, and our customers truly are our top priority.

“Really friendly team to work with. Always there to help and support in a timely manner.”G2 Review from User in Marketing and Advertising

Make StoneShot your agency of choice

Minimizing operational inefficiency isn’t just about the tools you’re using. Sometimes you need more people to lean in. That’s where agency services like StoneShot’s come in, especially if additional headcount isn’t in your team’s budget or you just need a little extra support here and there.

Interested in StoneShot’s campaign management and strategy and consulting services? Let’s talk — and get you the help you need now to really kick your investment marketing up a notch.

“Besides the incredible team, StoneShot is, by far, the most innovative and creative agency I’ve worked with. I’ve not had a bad experience with StoneShot and I’ve been working with them for more than 5 years. I’ve recommended StoneShot to numerous clients. They are the most flexible and customizable platform I’ve worked with as well as having an amazing staff that is responsive well beyond expectations and always a pleasure to work with.”G2 Review from Will D