How the Chinese giant may navigate coronavirus headwinds

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

9.30-10.00am CET



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While the coronavirus outbreak is accelerating globally, new confirmed cases of Covid-19 appear to be slowing down in China following the containment measures. China's equity market so far had largely resisted the significant moves that have agitated shares from New York to Milan, partly on the back of a series of preemptive measures from the central bank that selectively injected the market with liquidity.

Although we expect China’s economic growth to be severely impacted in the near term, we believe that China’s monetary easing and fiscal policies will help continue to sustain the economic growth. We also see an acceleration of industry consolidation, which should play favourably for industry leaders over the longer term and lead to a faster adoption of digitalisation. As China undergoes structural changes and moves from an export-led to a consumption and innovation-driven economy, a number of exciting developments are arising as investment opportunities in China are too big to ignore. We remain fully cognizant that risks when investing in China should not be overlooked, though.

Join our webcast and discover how the Chinese giant may navigate coronavirus headwinds and how global investors could potentially benefit from China’s significant transformation.

During this webcast, Caroline Yu Maurer, Head of Greater China Equities, will present:

  • Our market outlook for Chinese equities;
  • Our long-term portfolio strategy with a focus on technology;
  • Our portfolio performance updates.

Participants may send in questions during the webcast and Caroline will address it live

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