The Product and Customer Success team at StoneShot is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our users’ product experience. Today, we are excited to announce the latest updates to the StoneShot Platform. Our spring update focuses on improvements to marketing automation, its functionality as well as a few additional options for automated workflows.

Here’s the scoop on what’s new:

Additional Time Constraint Options:

Users can now gain more control over their workflows by adding time constraints to their triggers.

This means triggers can be built that look for client behaviours within a certain time range (for example a user clicking on a link within the last week or two weeks), instead of the trigger just looking for a particular clicked link in an email. This helps makes client communications even more relevant, and timely.

The new time constraint options will appear as a separate dropdown menu and will allow you to choose between minutes, hours, days… or even years. The trigger is now fully in your control.

Enhanced Workflow Triggers:

With this update, users can create workflows for segments, preferences, and event statuses, and schedule triggers based on them.

This means that along with building drip activities based on contacts opening and clicking on emails, users can now build entire programmes based on a wider range of triggers. For example, a client can be added to a nurture programme for a particular product, based on clicking on that product page on a website, or when someone reaches a certain lead score for a given product, they can be put on a fast-track lead generation programme.

*Please note that triggers now have a drop-down option for ‘Opened’ and ‘Unopened’ as well as ‘Clicked’ and ‘Not Clicked’.

[NEW] Global Rules Section:

In the user interface, you may notice a new ‘Global Rules’ section with an easy-to-use button and dashboard notification.  There are many added trigger options for either exiting from the current workflow, and/or moving contacts to a different one.  The count on the icons is a visual clue as to how many rules have been configured.

This new section gives users the ability to link workflows together to create a seamless lead nurturing programme across multiple propositions – eliminating the risk of a contact being in too many workflows and receiving a mixed brand message.

Improved Engagement Scoring:

Engagement scoring is crucial to understand contact and lead activity. Users can now automatically move recipients in and out of workflows based solely on their engagement score – total game changer if you ask us.

And More…

Separate from our Marketing Automation updates, we’ve added a ‘Secure File’ area so users can now share reports and sensitive data (with users in the same database) not meant to be shared via email.

The ‘Secure File’ area has been added as an additional sub-tab within the existing ‘File Manager.’ The recipient of the file will get a notification, and the content can be set to have an expiration date for an added level of security.

That’s all the good news we’ve got for now, but keep your eyes peeled for future improvements we’re cooking up here at StoneShot.

Have questions, would like a training session, or just so excited you need someone to share the moment with? Don’t hesitate to reach out or comment, we’d love to chat.