User experience is key to delivering a great client experience via digital channels. A public API (application programming interface) allows StoneShot data to be accessed and used by your other applications to gain better customer insight, provide personalised services and design a seamless customer journey for the user. This October, our contacts and lists API will be available to all StoneShot standard and advanced users.

Techie? Here is the documentation which contains everything you need. Check out our sample use cases for inspiration though.

Non-techie? Basically, this just means you’ll be able to create a great user experience and reduce silos by integrating your website and client-facing applications with StoneShot.

Sample use cases:

Managing preferences

Preference centre forms used to be stand-alone web pages. You can make them look like the rest of your website but they need updating if you change your site navigation or design.

With our API, you can now integrate preferences right into your website making a preference form look like another page on your site. You can also show content preferences alongside the content itself. This all leads to a smoother client experience and higher engagement.

Microsite or web personalisation

Applying the right level of personalisation is biggest challenge for fund providers behind standing out, but with our API, something that used to take months could be reduced to weeks. You can pull in contact data from StoneShot to help personalise the microsite and web experience which determines what information is to be shown to each user. Imagine being able to get rid of the ‘what kind of investor are you?’ dropdown and still showing relevant content.

Some examples of personalisation include only showing content around their interests, showing content based on the products they are invested in, differentiating content shown to clients versus prospects, etc.

Trigger emails based on client activity

Trigger emails are not new, but they used to be limited to a few actions. Now, you can customise any action on any platform and just use our API to trigger a pre-defined email. For example, if your client has been browsing an equity fund campaign page, you can use our API to trigger a workflow on StoneShot to send that client a follow up email with equity fund collateral a few days later. You can also pull information from Stoneshot into your web application and trigger a confirmation email if someone updates their preferences to say their preferences have been recorded.

Build client portals

You can also share tailored fund documents and product marketing collateral based on client preferences. StoneShot can provide light authentication (as we do with forms) with only a username or email required, or a user name and password for clients to login. After identifying who the client is, you can tailor reports, client service messages, etc.

Pull StoneShot list info into a separate application

Sometimes, it’s useful to have additional information from StoneShot. Let’s say you’re running a video conference and you want to know which attendees are from the UK or US to know if you need to say ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’. For this, you can just call the API to augment your attendee information from whatever app you’re using for the video conference.

Our Contact API release will be followed by an Events API early 2021 and an Analytics API in the latter part of 2021. You can look forward to the following use cases:

Seamless event registration and follow-ups

Declutter the event landing page by only showing events relevant to client. Couple this with easy registration via a pre-populated form for a great client experience. You can also build in a one-click de-register button.

Integrated analytics dashboard

You’ll be able to bring your email and visitor tracking data into your corporate analytics platform. This enables you to combine email and web data with other channels giving you a holistic picture of your marketing efforts.

Integrate content into other platforms

Send tracked emails through StoneShot, integrate events from the StoneShot platform into corporate mobile apps, etc.

Want to discuss a specific use case? Leave us a message here and we will get your relationship manager to get in touch with you.