If you haven’t taken advantage of our Visitor Tracking features, they allow users to easily track conversions from their StoneShot emails to their website(s).

Users can also seamlessly create goals to flag engagement with their content and build user journeys using our marketing automation suite.

This week we’ve enhanced those features – adding the ability for StoneShot to auto-detect any tracked links users have added in their emails, and make sure they’re in the correct format to completely capture a contact’s journey throughout the website – eliminating the need to manually do this in the app, and ultimately saving time for our users.

How does it work? Much like Google Analytics tracking, once a contact accesses the website via a tracked link in a StoneShot email (e.g. www.stoneshot.com), users will be able to see and track that contact’s activity on each page they visit on the site.

By clicking on ‘Visitors’, ‘Pages’, ‘Conversions’, and ‘Activity’ on the top bar, users will see the entry page, exit page, and everything viewed in between, as tracking will automatically carry throughout each page.
This functionality is now available to all Standard and Enterprise users and can be used for multiple websites/microsites.

To get this feature turned on, or if you have any questions, would like a training session, or want to share some suggestions – please reach out to our support team.