The Product and Customer Success team at StoneShot is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our users’ platform experience. In this week’s update we added some exciting new features, including Google Analytics tracking capabilities, enhanced email scheduling options for different time zones, and more.

Here’s what’s new in the StoneShot Platform:

Google Analytics UTM Tracking:

Clients asked, and we listened. Users are now able to add Google Analytics UTM tracking links to their emails allowing them to better monitor website traffic coming from their email campaigns.

Users can enable Google Analytics tracking in the email ‘summary’ menu and will be able to customize the campaign name (utm_campaign) for each email. The source (utm_source) and medium (utm_medium) will default to ‘StoneShot’ and ‘Email’, respectively.

Better Search for Events and Sessions:

Searching for event registration details within the ‘events’ section of the StoneShot app was limited to searching by email only. We changed that.

Now users can search by email, first name, last name, and company. The search results will provide the contact information mentioned, along with a link to additional information on the contact and the event – this includes contact phone number, communication history and preferences, and even the event invitation itself along with the number that attended the event.

The Campaign Time Zone Picker:

We like to make things easier for our users. Our new campaign ‘Time Zone Picker’ gives users the option to launch an email campaign in a specific time zone i.e. 2 p.m. (UTC) United Kingdom. The option makes it easier for users to send emails to lists in other time zones without having to manually calculate the time difference. The campaign time zone picker can be found in the Email ‘Launch’ menu and can be changed via drop down menu.

Individual Email Re-sends Made Easy:

Previously, when viewing a contact’s activity when trying to resend an email, a user would only have the option to resend to the original address the email was sent to.

Now, if an email address has been updated in the StoneShot app, the contact’s new email address will populate alongside the old address as the latest option

Have questions or would like to schedule a training session? As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.