Benchmarking data in relation to financial services marketing is hard to come by. Most email marketing reports usually cover trends that span a wide range of industries which may not be representative of financial services. Earlier this year, we released our COVID report with trends that we saw from the impact of the pandemic. As we have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the usefulness of this data, we have decided to open up the rest of our data to all the users of the StoneShot App.

A new section called ‘Insights’ can now be found on the left hand main navigation. The Insights section contains benchmarking data from all external and internal emails that our financial services clients have sent. The Overview, Time, Content and Subject tabs exclude Internal audiences, while the Communication and Audience tabs have a filter to include Internal if required.

What metrics are available?

  • Open rates
  • Click rates
  • Read, skimmed or glanced rate
  • Unsubscribes

What segmentations are available?

  • Mobile vs desktop
  • Audience by region e.g. Europe, APAC, US
  • Communication type e.g. Market commentary, fund information, event invitation, etc.
  • Time of day

We also have additional data on content formats and subject length.

Sample questions that Insights can answer:

  • What is the best time or day to send my emails?
  • Do newsletters fare well in APAC?
  • What is the average click rate for a market commentary in Italy?
  • Is the average open rate lower during the summer months?
  • Do people click on a video when viewing on mobile?

Insights can provide business critical benchmarking that can help you make strategic marketing decisions. For instance, if you want to run a survey or competition when no one else is doing it, you might want to do it in March or October. However, if you want the US Institutional audience to read it, don’t send it in January as the engagement rates are lowest during that month. In contrast, the French have a high engagement rate in January so it really depends on the geography of your target audience.

Want to know more about our Insights App? Leave us a message here and we will get your relationship manager to get in touch with you.