While technology and the ways of interacting with one another continue to expand, one of the older ways of communicating – email – isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Just this year we saw the bounds of email grow – with UX and CX trends evolving, capabilities expanding, and automation becoming the norm. Marketers clearly see the value of email. And for the ROI, it’s a rather inexpensive way of getting a message across.

If your company isn’t using email marketing – it certainly isn’t too late to get on board, and if you’re an email marketing pro – checking in on how you’re stacking up against the industry average, or even if your audience’s preferences may have changed, doesn’t hurt.

As you may have guessed, the financial services industry is getting saturated with competition, therefore standing out to professional investors is crucial – if you’re not putting your digital foot forward and keeping pace, you will see others quickly jump ahead.

So now it’s time to ask yourself, how are your emails keeping up with the changes in trends happening around us?  

We’ve recently released our annual email marketing report. In this report we cover topics such as what makes professional investors read or delete the emails they receive, what are their preferences when it comes to content, when you’re more likely to see engagement, and even how to immediately grab their attention within an email.