I’m always amazed at how digital tools have revolutionised the financial services space.

The simple tools that we often overlook can have a great impact: financial services brands can host webinars to engage with clients across the globe, or bring new product offerings to life with educational videos for prospective customers.

As digitalisation enables us to share information and ideas with greater speed and efficiency, I’m encouraged to see brands taking time to slow down and connect with their clients through industry events. Dedicating time to plan a thoughtful event with personalised invitations and follow-up communications, speaks volumes in an industry built on trust and relationships. Additionally, events offer a great way to bring together clients, investment professionals, and product providers for rich discussion and collaboration.

Financial professionals can tap into a wealth of event opportunities to engage with the clients they serve: inviting them to an annual meeting, or perhaps having a larger group of financial advisers attend a product-focused roadshow. And let’s not forget about digital events as well. Live and on-demand videos and fund manager conference calls are hugely popular as an easy way to connect.

Of course, there is a lot of work that goes into planning an event, especially when busy marketing teams face limited resources on tight deadlines. Consider the process for inviting clients to a five-venue roadshow. Between invitations, follow-up reminders, registration confirmations, and post-event-communications for each of the five locations, financial marketers can lose a lot of time drafting, scheduling, and sending the right communication at the right time.

On top of all that is the added task of managing lists of invites, attendees, and prospective attendees for next year. The sheer administrative workload can detract from time and energy otherwise invested in the personal touches that make your event stand out.

So how can financial marketers and event organizers ease their workload while still delivering an event their clients will love? The answer is simple, look to technology and people.

Automate your processes

Let technology do the work for you. As marketing platforms grow smarter, automation is tackling the heavy-lifting in the promotion, registration, check-in, and follow-up phases (such as generating and sending CE/CPD certificates), so event marketers can devote their energy to customising an outstanding client experience during the event. If you need help setting up automation, look to a firm that has a team that specialises in it and that knows the industry, such as StoneShot.

Integrate your technology

The easier the registration process, the easier it is to boost client attendance. The first impression of your event starts with the invitation, so how can you make sure your systems are speaking with each other to plan for a seamless client experience from the minute the decision is made to invite them?

Is the invite list targeted enough? Are enough event details included to be able to entice someone to join, and importantly, is it easy to register?

If things like invite forms can pull from your contact lists and pre-populate with registrant information such as name, email, and company, a potential attendee needs to take less steps to save their seat. It’s also useful to link the invite to an event microsite that will house more details than can reasonably fit in an email — this will help make sure you are providing enough information, in a way that is easy to digest for the reader.

If the resources to build systems that integrate are not available in house, there are teams that specialize in setting things like this up for you, so you can focus on other event details.

Optimise your information

Data is key to personalising your communications. Your marketing platform should be able to give you intuitive data around your clients’ interests and what they’re most engaging with. In the UK, we know things like that attendance drops off when an adviser is more than 35 miles from the venue. This type of data insight can help build a strong program, and the event outcome you’re looking for.


With over 10,000 financial services events planned through StoneShot’s email marketing and event management platform and services, we are well-versed on efficient event practices. And we’re not done yet – later this year we’ll be launching more technology to streamline processes even further.

For more information about our event management capabilities and services, visit our website. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.