How can we help you?

We have been in this business for almost 20 years to know our Factsheets from our KIIDs, thought leadership papers from market commentaries and solemnly swear to never make the disclaimer font smaller than the email text.

We know lockdown can be tough so here are some practical ways we can help.

Digital Assistance with BAU email

We know BAU emails still need to go out even when you’re bogged down with campaign work and investment views related to the dynamically changing market activity. As BAU are easier to brief, you can outsource them to us on a pay as you go basis. It’s kind of like a mobile top up except we have 100% uptime and include bonus enthusiasm. Just provide us with the content and we can create the email, liaise with you for approval and send it on your behalf. If you want to make this a monthly thing, we’re down and you can save 20% on a retainer.

  • Quick fix to decrease workload
  • We can use your process and marketing automation platform
  • Help with designing, testing, sending and reporting

Email template redesign

Sometimes the problem lies in the fact that the email templates are a bit too clunky, like that dust collecting tablet in your cupboard. We can redesign some of your most used templates to make them easy to update. Our research says standing out is the biggest fund marketer challenge. A refresh of email design, strengthening CTAs and addressing any mobile responsiveness issues could be a way to achieve this. After redesigning one of our client’s templates, their marketing team found it so easy to use that it significantly decreased their ongoing production time. Rumour has it one of them got a promotion the next year.

  • Differentiate and increase client engagement
  • Streamline ongoing email production
  • Ensure your emails look great on mobile

Microsites and campaign landing pages

It’s the time of the year where you look at your campaigns from last year and see how to do it better this year.

One client wanted to run a demand/lead generation campaign around a particular investment strategy but the corporate website was not ideal so we designed and built a campaign site housing all content related to that strategy with social and email landing pages to boot. As a bonus, data capture was built in so new contacts could automatically subscribe for new updates.

Another client wanted to promote their Investment Outlook report, a flagship piece, to as wide an audience as possible. StoneShot’s solution was to design an interactive landing page, using animation to bring each key point to life before allowing the visitor to download the full report which was previously only available via PDF. The client achieved over 160,000 views of this page over a three-month period.

Finally, another client was not satisfied with just sending a presentation deck along with a Zoom invite to pass as a virtual event. StoneShot designed and built a dedicated event landing page in three languages to provide more insight into event, conduct seamless event registration, host replays and provide additional content post-event.

  • Streamline campaign communications to a single landing page
  • Build multilingual capabilities for your campaigns
  • Apply personalization for increased engagement

Whether it’s emails, template redesigns, microsites or other digital marketing projects, we are always here to help!