We broke down some general lockdown email trends for April including high send volumes, smaller contact lists and less Coronavirus mentions. However, recipients remain engaged with high mobile and desktop interactions across hours and rife Easter activity.

Any good marketer knows that global averages are not detailed enough because if you break down the data into certain segments, you will discover some nuances.

United States is happily clicking away

Engagement seems to have skyrocketed for the US in April. Open rate increased to 29% while click rate increased to 4.7% (compared to 25.5% and 3.3% respectively in March). This is a 14% increase in open rate which means that people are more productive in April once they’ve adjusted to their work from home conditions or they could be more interested in the content that our clients send. Indeed, this region has the highest click rates in April.

United Kingdom is opening (their emails) more

As the demographic with the highest open rate in April, the UK’s open rate increased to 37% while click rate increased to 3.9% (compared to 29.9% and 3.8% respectively in March). This is a 24% increase compared to March. They also have the highest engagement rate (percentage of email contacts who have opened or clicked an email within the past month) at 42% compared to other regions. It seems like this region is also adjusting well to lockdown working.

France has mixed results

France’s open rate decreased to 23.3% while click rate increased to 3.7% (compared to 34.4% and 2.7% respectively in March). This is a 32% decrease in open rate overall. However, France has the highest mobile open rate compared to other regions, suggesting they may be juggling work with other responsibilities around the house.

APAC activity hasn’t changed

The total number of campaigns sent decreased by 5.3% in April when compared to March. However, open and click rates seem constant at 27.9% (compared 27.7% in March) and 1.9% for both months respectively. This suggests that things are normalizing in APAC.

Italy is engaging more

Italy’s open rate increased to 26.7% in April (compared to 20.6% in March) and click rate increased to 3.7% (compared to 2.6% in March). It’s also worth noting that the campaign volume has doubled and the send volume is 6x that of March so things seem to be picking up the pace.

Germany pulls back a bit

In April, German engagement dropped with open rate at 22% (compared to 28.4% in March) and click rate at 4.4% (compared to 4.8% in March). This is a 17.2% decrease in open rate. It is worth noting that average open rates were 23.5% since the start of the year, so COVID didn’t necessarily cause a lower open rate. March has more than double the campaign volume of January and February averaged out, while send volume in March is more than triple that of January and February averaged out. This suggests that the open and click rate was impacted by the addition of new contacts.

Coronavirus emails continue internally

Whilst external emails saw a 37.7% decrease in COVID-19 related emails, internal communications only saw a 5.9% decrease. This suggests that firms are constantly trying update their employees regarding the ongoing situation. The open rate for internal communications has decreased to 56.4% in April (compared to 61.2% in March), however the click rate has increased to 6.2% in April (compared to 4.7% in March) which suggests that these communications are valuable.

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