Late last year, we suspected there was a communications mismatch between IFAs and fund marketers. You know the adage of the old happily married couple that has lost their spark?

To get to the bottom of the situation, we interviewed IFAs and fund marketers to see what caused that communications divide.

The results? 70% of IFAs receive emails from more than 6 asset managers every day, but only 28% of them said 50-100% of fund marketers struck the right communication balance. Furthermore, asset managers are blind to this problem with 90% saying that their communications are good, very good or excellent.

We have compiled a report called Bridging the Divide. This report tackles an IFAs ideal type and frequency of communications with ideas on how fund marketers can meet those preferences. We also mapped a personalisation maturity model with recommendations on how to further personalise your communications depending on your level of maturity.

Finally, we will share the Top 3 marketing challenges reported by asset managers and handpick successful examples of how our clients addressed these challenges. To keep the confidence of our clients, we will only be able to share case studies from your peers over a private virtual meeting.

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