Event Scheduler

You can schedule emails within the StoneShot Marketing Platform so that when the contacts event status is set, an email will automatically be sent to their inbox. Navigate to your event in the Events tab and select the Schedule tab.

Scheduling in events

Click on the Add Schedule button to get started.

Choosing your Schedule trigger

The Contact Event Status option is setting a rule that if a contacts status is set to whatever you chose, a chosen task will execute – these are outlined in the section below.

Contact's status trigger in event scheduling in StoneShot

The Event Status option will set a rule for a task to execute after a set number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, before or after an event.

Schedule a rule

The Venue Capacity option will set a rule to execute a task when the venue capacity of your session reaches a specific percentage chosen by you.

Use the venue capacity to trigger a rule

Adding a task to your schedule

Once you have selected the required schedule and filled out all the relevant information, you will see that the schedule has been added into the Schedule tab. You will then see a dropdown button that says, Add Task.

The App Notification option will show StoneShot App users an app notification when your schedule is executed. You can write a message and select how long you would like the notification to display.

Set up app notifications

The Email Notification option will send out a text-format email to a single address. When the condition is triggered, the email will be sent.

Set up email notifications in StonShot

The Campaign Launch is the most common option, and it will send out a campaign to the contacts with the selected event status. You can either select a new template and campaign so the analytics will be separate, or you can choose an existing campaign where the contacts will be added to.

Trigger campaign launch in events

The Contact Status Change option will change the status of the contacts that are in the session you’ve selected for your schedule. Simply choose what status you would like them to be assigned and click Create Job.

Change contact status

You can watch more on our Event Scheduler in our training video below.