Creating an Event

Creating an event is a simple and easy process. Click on the green button at the top of the events page called New event and begin creating your event and its sessions.

Create events in StoneShot

Once you’ve completed all the relevant fields click on the Add Event button and you’ve created your event! You’ll be taken back to the events page and you’ll be able to see the event you’ve just created in the Upcoming events section.

Create events details

Creating sessions

Now we need to create sessions for our event. To do this, click on the event you’ve just created, and you’ll be taken to your event dashboard.

From the summary tab you’ll be able to see Contacts Invited, Registrations, Attendees and Campaigns sent. To add sessions to your event, click on the New session button and you’ll have choice between: Conference Call, Online or Seminar.

Once you’ve picked the relevant session, you’ll be taken to a page to fill out your session details. Fill out all the relevant fields and make sure to add a speaker and venue if applicable. Once you’ve filled out all the information you need, click on the Add Session button.

Event page in StoneShot

You’ll then be taken back to your event dashboard and you’ll be able to see the new session you’ve just created.

When you click on the session you’ll be able to see what you’ve named it and from here you can quickly edit the session details by clicking the pencil icon.

You can also select the dropdown menu opposite to quickly change the session you are currently viewing.

Below this you will be greeted with some essential information such as: Venue, Speaker, Questions, and Arrival, Start and End dates and times.

Underneath this is a quick look at the numbers for your session: Contacts Invited, Registrations, Cancellations and Attendees.

Updating contacts

The bottom half of the screen contains a list of all the contacts involved with this session.

You can also add contacts to the session from here by clicking the Add Contact button.

You’ll be able to search for the contacts individually or you can select a list that has previously been imported. At this point, you’re able to choose the status of the person or list you are adding to the session.

You have the option to overwrite existing values. This means that your choice of status will overwrite whatever is already set against a contact. This must be used with caution, as you wouldn’t want to overwrite anyone who has already responded to the session.

Add contacts to events

Added contact in events

You can also update a contacts status once they have been added to the session. You can change their status by checking the box next to the contacts and clicking the relevant status in the drop down of the Change Status button.

You can filter the contacts by clicking the Filter dropdown and checking the desired segment boxes. This will then allow you to easily see who is: Invited, Registered etc.

You can also export these contacts to an excel spreadsheet by clicking the ‘Export’ dropdown and selecting the option that best suits your needs.

Export list from event

Cloning events and sessions

Our latest feature to help make event creation even easier, is the addition of two clone buttons.

This enables you to clone an entire event including all of the sessions, and a separate button that enables you to clone sessions within an event.

If you have repeating events that use the same sessions such as an annual roadshow, the clone event button is for you. Everything from the event and/or session will be copied across including assets such as custom fields.

Export list from event

Take a look at our Creating Events video below for a run through.