Digital Marketing Survey: Events

Learn what advisors want from fund provider events

The Digital Marketing Survey (DMS) comes straight from the source. We ask hundreds of financial advisors from the US, UK and France about their attitudes toward the fund provider events they are invited to and attend each year.

The questions ranged from how investors choose which events to go to, what time of day they prefer them to be and, crucially, how far they’re willing to travel.

In addition to discovering the answers to these and other questions, you’ll also find out how StoneShot’s software and services help you capitalize on the insights to plan, promote and run your best investment events ever.

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In this report we’ll cover:


How to choose the best location, venue, time and day of the week for your event.


What topics and information advisors expect to learn from attending fund provider events.


Our tips on how to set-up the event of the year.