StoneShot is helping Marketers in the Asset Management space meet their objectives by empowering them with a platform any team can use.

Marketing Efficiencies
Do more marketing, with less manpower.

Industry Adaptability
Work with a solution that knows the industry as well as you do.

Advisor Experience
Put professional investors in the driving seat.

Change the way you do marketing with StoneShot

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Maximize advisor engagement through events and roadshows
Set up and promote your events, manage check-in, and easily distribute post-event communications such as Continued Education (CE) or Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificates in one seamless event management solution.

Stay up-to-date on industry trends and benchmarks
Measure yourself against other email marketers in the industry to see how your efforts stack up. Find comparative metrics on commentary emails, event invites, video, conference calls and more. Mix in audiences by country to benchmark your global program.

Save time and drive up quality by automating fund document distribution
Avoid a manual fund document distribution process. With StoneShot you can automate this, matching fund documents to advisors via a document preference center.

Support product and education campaigns with advisor microsites
Use our team to scope, create and manage microsites that set you apart from the rest. We know what drives your advisors to convert, so you can sit back and focus on other things.

Image showing StoneShot App - Campaign Report Page

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